ARBC2018 at Taipei Zoo, Taiwan

13th Asian Reproductive Biotechnology Congress, 3~6 May 2018

Reproductive biotechnology for defining, delineating and displaying the world of human and animal


Our congress is the premier event for researchers and professionals involved in reproductive biotechnology of human and animal.

The Local Organising Committee recognises that Taiwan is a way from most places in Asia and the world and we will be working hard to ensure you experience the best of Taiwan's science, culture and food to make the journey worthwhile. Through our zoo animal tours on Friday 4 May we will give delegates the opportunity to see first-hand the bio-banking improvement of zoo animal (and maybe trees and flowers) by breeders who are passionate about improving life quality.

Of course, we hope you will take the time to visit other parts of Taiwan either before or after the congress. Once you are here, make the most of seeing our compact and exciting country.

Because of Taiwan's geographic isolation, we would appreciate your help to ensure that the ARBC2018 meeting at Taipei Zoo on 3~6 May 2018 is widely advertised. To assist us, please forward the web site and use it in your talks.

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International Advisory Group

Takashi Nagai, Japan (Chairman)
Kazuhiro Kikuchi, Japan
Noboru Manabe, Japan
Naojiro Minami, Japan
Atsuo Ogura, Japan
Rangsun Parnpai, Thailand
Padet Thammarak, Thailand
Bui Xuan Nguyen, Vietnam
Christopher G. Grupen, Australia
Mark Nottle, Australia
Yuta Lee, USA
Shih-Chien Chin, Taiwan
Ming-Che Wu, Taiwan
Pascal Mermillod, France
Bertrand Pain, France
Jae Yong Han, Korea
Jin Hoi Kim, Korea
Nam-Hyung Kim, Korea
Hoon Taek Lee, Korea
Eufrocina Atabay, Philippines
Synan S. Baguio, Philippines
Ashit Kumar Paul, Bangladesh
Shanmugavelu Sithambaram, Malaysia
, Singapore
, Laos
, Indonesia
, India

Local Committee

Shih-Chien Chin, Taipei Zoo
Jane Fang Yu, Taipei Zoo
Ming-Che Wu, Livestock Res Inst (Chairman)
Lih-Ren Chen, Livestock Res Inst
Jeng-Fang Huang, Livestock Res Inst
Meng-Hsing Wu, NCKU
Jyh-Cherng Ju, CMU
Chau-Hwa Chi, NTU
P.S. Jason Tsai, NTU
William J. Huang, NYMU
Shinn-Chih Wu, NTU
Ming-Cheng Chen, NIU
Chao-Cheng Huang, CGU
Shiaw-Min Hwang, FIRDI
Yen-Ni Teng, NUTN